KTS X8 Atomizer Tank, X8 clearomizer

KTS X8 Atomizer Tank, X8 clearomizer

New generation Clearomizer, Perfect fit X6 electronic cigarettes and the KTS electronic cigarette

Diameter: 21mm
length: 62mm (containing drip tip)
Weight: 55.5g

Note: it is new default atomizer of X6 e-cigarette and KTS e-cigarette,  each atomizer we sell comes with only one screw, as you can put the screw on the 2 place, that means the screw can fit both the hole on the side and on the bottom.

we will don’t sell old X6 atomizer any longer.

How the screw work?

1. if we need to refill liquid, we should remove the screw on the top.

2. when we need to change atomizer head, we should tighten the screw on the bottom. so that the atomizer head will totally out together with the atomizer basic and cone.

1-2 2-2 6-2

gold, chrome X8 1 gold, chrome X8 2 gold, chrome X8