K500 eRoll E-Cigarette

The K500/ Eroll electronic cigarette is new mini series e-cigarette  The eRoll electronic cigarette is distinctive cleverly constructed device comes equipped with an exquisite Portable Charging Case (PCC) containing a 1000mAh battery allowing for continuous charging of your eRoll electronic cigarette wherever you are. The PCC design concept emphasises expedience, simplicity and style.

The eRoll kit comes with 2 automatic eRoll electronic cigarettes. Each eRoll is built upon a 90mAh automatic battery. The battery technology used provides for unrivalled power delivery from such a small unit such that the vaping capability significantly belies its stature. The battery is connected to a ‘bayonet‘ connector atomizer housing which securely locates the eGo-c atomizer and holds the unique 0.4ml cartridge to complete the eRoll’s construct.

The eRoll uses the same technology as the eGo-c and the same atomizers. The PCC is designed to house and charge a single eRoll. The kit contains 2 complete eRoll electronic cigarettes, so you will always have one available even when the second is charging. The eRoll has been designed to be comparable in size to a conventional cigarette but have the vaping performance of the best e-cig.

Kit Contents

1 x eRoll Portable Charging Case
2 x eRoll 90mAh rechargeable automatic batteries
2 x eRoll atomizer heads
2 x eRoll atomizer cones
3 x eRoll empty cartridges
1 x USB charger
1 x A/C adapter

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