K200 MOD E-Cigarette,Kamry K.eCig K200

K200 MOD E-Cigarette, Kamry K.eCig K200, Variable voltage K200, Future Soldier K200

the K200 E-cigarette is a brother model of K100 MOD, it’s now available.

Packing contents:

1pcs K200 body

1pcs atomizer X8

2pcs 18650 batteries

1pcs charger

1pcs Packing box



Unique Shape

Changeable Voltages

Changeable Rate of Work for different smoke vapor

Battery status showing screen

Compatible with all ego, CE, 510 atomizers.

Shiny Durable Metal material

7 colors for changing screen color

 Detailed information of K200

1.can change voltage from 3.0v to 6.0v,

2. can change the color of the screen, all have 7 colors,

3. can change the work power from P5 to P15,

4. can show the battery status,

5.can also measure the resistance or ohm of the atomizer you are using,

6.can show the puffs of smoke

7. match with 18650 dry cell

8. 5 clicks of the button to clock the battery

K200 (1) K200 (2) K200 (3) K200 (4) K200 (5) K200 (6) K200 (7) K200 (8) K200 (9)