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F2 e cigarette

F2 E-cigarette /FLY-2  latest Model/Original F2 E cigarette

Fly Smoker is the original manufacturer of F2


F2 e cigarette, 2011 the latest e cigarette

Fly Smoker original edition, F2 Original manufactured by Fly Smoker

The F2 e cigarette comes with Highest quality and nice packing. use the retractable USB cable, and battery of F2 can be charge while smoking. and it comes with a Tank Atomizer and a Needle bottle, so that we can refilling the cartridges easily

F2 E Cigarette Packing Contents:

1 Battery, 1 Tank Atomizer, 1 Needle Bottle, 1 Retractable USB cable, 2 Tank cartridges, 1 User Manual

1 Battery
1 Tank Atomizer
1 Needle Bottle
1 Retractable Usb cable
2 Tank cartridges
1 User Manual


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