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Empire K100 MOD E-Cigarette,K.eCig-K100 Telescopic cigarette, K100 MOD

the Empire K100 MOD E-Cigarette,K.eCig-K100 Telescopic cigarette is another model of the Telescopic E-Cigarette of Fly smoker, and it’s the newest e-cigarette, still use rechargeable dry battery and with fashion and nice look.

Empire K100 MOD,  New Mech Mod K100,Machine made K100 Empire

New Mech Mod K100, K100 Empire

All colors of tube: blue, gold and champagne.

K100 E-Cigarette,K.eCig-K100 Telescopic cigarette Unit includes:

1 special packing box
1 battery tube
1 atomizer tube
2 atomizer
2 rechargeable dry battery
1 battery charger
1 drip tip


K100-07K100-02 K100-03 K100-05 K100-06 K100-12 K100-13 K100-14 K100-18 K100-19

K100 E Cigarette Technology Specification:

Packing Way EGO Case(L) Atomizer Diameter 22mm±0.5
Atomizer Length 73mm±1 Atomizer weight 37g±1
Battery Cone Diameter 22mm±0.5 Battery Cone weight 88g±1
18350 Battery Cone Length 74mm±1(18350×1pcs) 18350 dry battery weight 23g±1
18500 Battery Cone Length 86mm±1(18500×1pcs) 18500 dry battery weight 32g±1
18650 Battery Cone Length 101mm±1(18650×1pcs) 18650 dry battery weight 40g±1
2×18350 Battery Cone Length 108mm±1(18350×2pcs) / /
Battery Cone Length 87.5mm±1(no dry cell) Battery Cone weight 88g±1
one e-cigs size(Battery+X6 atomizer) 154mm±1 one e-cigs weight(Battery+X6 atomizer) 125±1
Input voltage 3.7V Output voltage 3.7V~4.2V


K100 Starter Kit Packing Component as Follows:

18650/18350 Battery
 Battery Tube
Atomizer Cover
K100 Atomizers
Battery Charger
Warranty Card
Ego Zipper Case

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