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EGO-K CE4 E-Cigarette

EGO-K CE4 E-Cigarette Starter Kit is the new kind of e-cigarette kits, which is with the Tank atomizer ce4 and it have mini battery only 350mah, also you can choose 650mah, 900mah, and 1100mah.

eKungfu EGO-K (CE4)

Full set including:

Battery (350 or 650 or 900mah or 1100mah) 2PCS
clearomizer CE4 plus, latest CE4 2PCS
gift box (or ego case box) 1PC
Wall Charger 1PC
USB Charger 1PC
User’s manual 1PC
please contact us if you want EGO case Package




Certificate CE RoHS SGS FCC
Diameter 14mm
Length 115mm(350mAh);129mm(650mAh);



Color of CE4 7 kinds
Battery 350/650/900/1100mAh
Mouthfuls for each CE4 700 Puffs
Capacity of CE4 1.6
Mouthfuls for each full battery 500 puffs (350mAh);700    puffs (650mAh);

900    puffs(900mAh);

1000  puffs(1100mAh)

Charging time 3-4hours
Battery life Above 300times
Working Voltage 3.7V
Component and logo OEM

Choose the component by you like

1. You can choose the short wick or long wick of CE4

2. You can choose the battery type. ego/ego-t/ego-c all ok

3. You can choose the battery color: we have rubber red/green/blue/yellow/orange color of EGO-T

4. You can choose the color of CE4

 How to use

1. Scerw down the drip tips from clearomizer

2. fill liquid into tube along

3. put ont the drip tips

4. make sure the battery power full

5.press 5clicks to on/off battery

6. when smoking .press the button

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