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EGO-C E-CIGARETTE with 1100mah battery

EGO-C E-CIGARETTE with 1100mah battery

Changeable System, EGO-C, F8 E-CIGARETTE

EGO-C E-cigarette (also name FLY SMOKER F8 E-Cigarette )1100mah battery  is the one product of the ego Series, you can change the atomizer head easily, no leak, more vapor.

use different atomizer head, you can smoke different flavor, so that the heads will fit only one flavor without any flavors mix. every kits comes with 5 atomizer heads, 2 atomizer cones, 2 atomizer holders


Kits contents:

2 batteries

2 atomizer cones

5 atomizer heads

5 cartridges

1 usb charger

1 plug adapter

1 user manual

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