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Fly Smoker Technology (HK) Co., Ltd. was registered in Hong Kong, and has a factory located in Baoan, Shenzhen, with more than 300 well trained workers. Since our inception, we have been focusing on the research & development and manufacture of healthy E-cigarette. We have a professional research and development team with 20 excellent engineers. Because of top class lab, latest technology, as well as hard working of our engineers, we have dramatically reduced the development cycle, and improved our quality. Besides maintaining our advantage in normal E-cigarette, we're also making great efforts on the research and development of six generation E-cigarette, With constant tangible and intangible investment, high tech support, and rich experience, we have implemented smooth technology development, strict quality control, perfect after-sales service improvement, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, market survey, and customer need analysis. By taking advantage of using ergonomic design, gas-sensing switch control (of sensitivity and great stability), with the adoption of a new intake stealth design (of more smooth appearance), smoke bombs, and interface thread seals (no oil spill, health products), we can produce competitive sixth generation E-cigaret. We enjoy a wide customer base and good reputation, and we have OEM partners in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. We provide a variety of OEM processing ways for our partners and customers to win the market. In order to ensure that all our customers can enjoy a healthy and happy life, all of our products have gained independent export right and attained CE, RoHS, SGS, PSE, UV, and K certifications. And parts of our products have gained patents. Basing on faith, The U. S. National Science and Technology Section has joined us to lead to win-win situation. We welcome clients to share with our knowledge, skills and experience.

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